The feeling, the warmth
Cus when I’m with him
I’m never bored

On his motorcycle, on the freeway
100 miles an hour and I can still say
That I trust you with my life babe

It’s like we’re flying
The wind keeps blowing
And you’re the only thing

That I can hang on to right now.
Maybe you don’t know, But moments like these,
Are what I fucking live for

Life can be funny sometimes
I dreamed of him, The very first night that I met him
Now you tell me what that means

I see his motorcycle out front, My spirits already lifted.
He’s a foster kid.
Dad’s in prison, mom’s an alcoholic.

Yet he still smiles. He still loves. He fights.
Xanax pill and a bum got him saying
“I’d rather fight for my life”

I wake up in the middle of the night
I feel his presence, His beautiful body next to mine
And as I try to get up, He pushes me back down

He said he dreamed of me too. Says we were playing pool
Then he put me on the table
But didn’t want to tell me more…



I just wanna rise
I want to, I want to be the best
I just wanna rise
Rise up and be the best that I can be

What do I want?
I wanna be happy, I want to be at ease
I wanna be able to do anything that I want
I want power, money, I wanna breathe
I want to create, I want to be a creator
I wanna be recognised, I want pleasure
I wanna say fuck you to my enemies
I want to get out of my own head
Live in another world, another planet
I don’t want any responsibilities

They say you’re worth the strength of your desires
Fuck that if it were true I would be governing the world
They say live life in the moment and stop questioning it
Fuck that too how can anyone think that they know

Unless it all made sense
Unless I was on my way to a happier place
Unless all of this was part of one big plan
Called destiny
And maybe I have to catch the signs and hints of what’s waiting for me
On the other side
And that’s the only thing
That keeps me going
The hope of what the future can bring
In the meantime I wonder everyday
What the fuck am I doing in this world?
And I ask is it worth it
Every day, every week, every hour

I’m so ready for the next level in life
That imaginary level
That I get a glimpse of when I’m high
A world where there is only love and abundance of knowledge
Not a world of hate and questions
Of wait and fake
A world where money and appearances don’t matter
A world where we accept everybody’s weaknesses
A world where we tolerate

I just wanna rise
I want to, I want to be the best
I just wanna rise
Rise up and be the best that I can be

I’m so tired of being embarrassed
Or being afraid of people’s judgement
I want to live free
Free of things that I know are not important
Why can’t I be like some people
Who seem to have it easy
Who are fucking confident
And truly live freely

I wanna be like them
Free of all my mysteries
Go to sleep without question
And sleep like a baby
Why does it seem so difficult?
‘Just fifteen minutes, and I can go to sleep’
I only feel good when I’m surrounded by some peeps
People that make me feel good
And who might be the solution
Yea maybe I should rely on them
Cus French wine also helps
But it’s not reality

Do we all have to fight our battles
Whatever they might be
For me I know it’s that embarrassment
But for others it could be
The fear that it’ll never come
That one thing or person that will bring content and happiness

In any case as Tupac would say
Life goes on
Cus whatever I write
You will still have to fight
Everyday fucking day of your life
Whether you’re a king, a maid, a princess
A homeless person or a bride

I just wanna rise
I want to, I want to be the best
I just wanna rise
Rise up and be the best that I can be


Drama every day, Going higher and higher
Being a creator, Being on top of that shit
But we need a reminder, Love is the goal
Love is the ultimate adventure

It’s like we grew up with society, School and textbooks
Telling us what to feel, What to think, what to do
Telling us what we’re feeling isn’t justified
It’s stupid, it’s too short, It’s too soft, let it go
How can that possibly be what they call life
Like for fuck sake, You only live once
Then you fucking die, Yo game over you’re out
How can we not live life, The way that we want

It’s like there’s this incredible music
Inside our heads, That we don’t often listen to
We only get a glimpse of it, From time to time
Fuck we should listen more
Because that music is beautiful, And it’s our own little world
He said feel all your problems, And then write the solution
So we can write our way out of, All of our issues
And all the way to our freedom, Cus it makes sense of emotions
And it’s our own little creation

Drama every day, Going higher and higher
Being a creator, Being on top of that shit
But we need a reminder, Love is the goal
Love is the ultimate adventure

So we’ll gather the strength, And the courage to fight life
To fight for our success, And fight for our rise
Cus life is a battle, A battle that we’ll win
We’ll earn that respect, We’ll play black jack at the Wynn
All week end, And maybe we’ll all be drivin’
Those Lamborghin’, We’ll have our friends around
And we’ll have a passion, We’ll have that that satisfaction

We’ll discover a world, That we didn’t even know existed
We’ll deal with new problems, sure
But, but, we’ll have made it, We won’t feel homeless no more
We’ll build our own little empire, And we’ll feel powerful
We won’t give up ’til we get there, Cus it’s where we belong
You know it, it’s obvious, Destiny’s on it
We’ll have won, we’ll have made it, and we’ll be legit
But I promise, that We’ll always stay modest

Drama every day, Going higher and higher
Being a creator, Being on top of that shit
But we need a reminder, Love is the goal
Love is the ultimate adventure


They say time is relative
Well I think it is true
And space and matter
Are relative too

Think of it
Measure the commitment
The intellectual focus
And intensity of emotions

Of the scientist, for DNA
Of the mean girl, for gossip
Of the spiritual, in a forest
Of the painter, for a drawing

Of the politician, for votes
Of Bonaparte, for immortality
Of a child, for his toy
And of the lover, for this one human being…

Are we so blind?
That we think that time and space
Shape life and shape the universe
Can’t we see how obvious it is?

That focus and thought
Language and emotion
Have the power to create
A whole universe

For any subject
However small it is
And make it massively important
Just for an instant


Oh and now I’m going there
I’m on my way
I only got few dollars to spare
But I’m not scared

Life in LA is a roller coaster
You have to trust it
You have to like it
You have to like the speed
You have to be a little bit insane
Like healthy insanity

Life in LA…
They don’t call it the city of angels
For nothing
LA is a magical city
Like healthy insanity

And if you believe in God
Let me tell you that Hollywood
Is my heaven and that
Life in LA is my paradise

But your love is my everything…
In LA in London in Paris or in Spain

An Illusion

What is this world
That we’re living in?
Don’t you feel sometimes
That it’s an illusion?
Like the shops, the politics, the rich, the poor, the nature
Is it all real? What does it mean?

Like I wish people felt what I feel
That excitement, that passion
The fact that I want to jump around
It’s chemical or real, I don’t know
But I love it, I mean man
People around me can be so boring
I feel love 24/7, I feel thrill
Call it a light, call it candidness, call it living every moment
I don’t know, I just wish you felt what I feel

All that I know is that
Your music feeds me energy
Feeds me passion and excitement
That beat moves me,
It creates butterflies in my stomach
Blessed, Hollywood, the desert
The speed of the car, the landscape
The music and the new world to enter
No fear, just feeling the universe

No need to be realistic
Because I know that I feel it
The remix of the songs I like
Are like the new version of my current life
A remix of my older life
Though I wonder what it means
No wonder they all live here
The sun, the desert and the spiritual atmosphere
We’ll see
We’ll see where life takes me

Those Stars

All those stars, make me feel so safe
I don’t want to ask anything from the universe
Because it’s so beautiful, as it is
It’s already so perfect, isn’t it?

The universe…
It’s you, me
The sky, the music
The beginning, the end
It’s nothing, it’s so small
It’s right in front of you
But it’s invisible
It’s not right, nor wrong
But it’s everything
And it’s available

And now I’m ready
To take my own risk

You could be a star
And I could be one
And we could both shine
And it would be our favourite game

But I can already see stars
When I look into your eyes
And when your lips meet mine
You know what a pure heart will feel
The light, the energy, the dream…
You know, you know the feeling

The feeling that makes you forget about the wonders of life
The feeling that makes you not care about what is right
The feeling that makes you feel safe within your own self
The feeling that creates music out of everything

It’s not a fatality, it’s a big adventure
Taking that risk, is like jumping from the sky
But the feeling, is like falling on a cloud